Preliminary Program:

8:30am - 8:50am: Registration
8:50am – 9:00am: Welcome Session
9:00am – 10:10am: Session 1: Capture Flying Signals
(Invited Talk) Bringing Differential GPS to Drones
Mahanth Gowda (University of Illinois)
SkyEyes: Adaptive Video Streaming from UAVs (Invited Paper)
Xiaoli Wang (Princeton University), Aakanksha Chowdhery (Princeton University), Mung Chiang (Princeton University)
Benchmarking Resource Usage for Spectrum Sensing on Commodity Mobile Devices
Ayon Chakraborty (Stony Brook University), Udit Gupta (Stony Brook University), Samir R. Das (Stony Brook University)
10:10am - 10:25am: Coffee Break
10:25am – 11:05am: Session 2: Empowering Commodity Wireless Systems
No Time At All: Opportunity Cost of Android Permissions (Invited Paper)
Gradeigh D. Clark (Rutgers University) Swapnil Sarode (Rutgers University) Janne Lindqvist (Rutgers University)
RSSI step size: 1 dB is not enough!
Anh Luong (University of Utah), Alemayehu Solomon Abrar (University of Utah), Thomas Schmid (University of Utah), Neal Patwari (University of Utah & Xandem)
11:05am – 12:35pm: Session 3: New Communication Paradigms
(Invited Talk) Passive Wi-Fi and Inter-technology Backscatter
Bryce Kellogg (University of Washington)
Augmenting IoT Networks with Backscatter-Enabled Passive Sensor Tags
Carlos Pérez-Penichet (Uppsala University), Frederik Hermans (Uppsala University), Ambuj Varshney (Uppsala University), Thiemo Voigt (Uppsala University)
Full-duplex wireless: Algorithms and rate Improvement bounds for Integrated circuit implementations (Invited Paper)
Jelena Marašević (Columbia University), Tingjun Chen (Columbia University), Jin Zhou (Columbia University), Negar Reiskarimian (Columbia University), Harish Krishnaswamy (Columbia University), Gil Zussman (Columbia University)
CAP on Mobility Control for 4G LTE Networks (Invited Paper)
Yuanjie Li (UCLA), Zengwen Yuan (UCLA), Chunyi Peng (The Ohio State University), Songwu Lu (UCLA)
12:35pm - 2:00pm: Lunch
2:00pm – 3:30pm: Session 4: High-Precision Wireless Localization
(Invited Talk) Ultra-Wideband and Indoor Localization
Patrick Pannuto (University of Michigan)
xD-Track: Leveraging Information from Multiple Dimensions for Passive Wi-Fi Tracking
Yaxiong Xie (Nanyang Technological University), Jie Xiong (Singapore Management University), Mo Li (Nanyang Technological University), Kyle Jamieson (Princeton University)
Decimeter Level Passive Tracking with WiFi
Kun Qian (Tsinghua University), Chenshu Wu (Tsinghua University), Zheng Yang (Tsinghua University), Chaofan Yang (Tsinghua University), Yunhao Liu (Tsinghua University
Vision-Track: Vision Based Indoor Tracking in Anchor-Free Regions
Gopi Krishna Tummala (The Ohio State University), Rupam Kundu (The Ohio State University), Prasun Sinha (The Ohio State University), Rajiv Ramnath (The Ohio State University)
3:30pm - 3:40pm: Coffee Break
3:40pm – 4:50pm: Session 5: Wireless Support for Virtual Reality
(Invited Talk) Toward Immersive Mobile Virtual Reality
David Chu (Google)
(Invited Talk) Wireless Wearables for Virtual and Augmented Reality
Steven K. Feiner (Columbia University)
4:50pm – 5:50pm: Session 6: 5G Networking - Millimeter-Wave and Wireless Optics
WiHaul: Max-Min Fair Wireless Backhauling over Multi-Hop Millimetre-Wave Links
Rui Li (University of Edinburgh), Paul Patras (University of Edinburgh)
RadMAC: Radar-Enabled Link Obstruction Avoidance for Agile mm-Wave Beamsteering
Ljiljana Simić (Institute for Networked Systems, RWTH Aachen University), Julian Arnold (Institute for Networked Systems, RWTH Aachen University), Marina Petrova (Institute for Networked Systems, RWTH Aachen University), Petri Mähönen (Institute for Networked Systems, RWTH Aachen University)
Design and Experimental Demonstration of Mirror-Aided Non-imaging Receiver for Indoor MIMO-VLC Systems
Ki-Hong Park (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), Hassan M. Oubei (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), Wael G. Alheadary (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), Boon S. Ooi (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), Mohamed-Slim Alouini (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
5:50pm – 6:00pm: Closing Remarks